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Garanimals - Inflatable Baby Bathtub


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The Garanimals Inflatable Baby Bathtub will provide your little one with a happy and safe environment when taking a bath. It is equipped with all the basics for cleaning a baby. This container is made with a soft cushioning material for comfortably washing your infant. The back piece provides extra support, and the ribbed base provides additional stability. A temperature display is located on the tub to help monitor the warmth of the water. There are large storage pockets for holding a child's wash cloths, shampoo and other essentials. When bath time is over, you can simply air dry with the included suction cup and attached hook. This toddler bath tub deflates for storage, travel or family trips. The receptacle can help you easily maneuver a little one during the bath session. This inflatable tub is Inflatable Bathtubrecommended for children between 6 to 18 months old.

With parents' seal of approval, this item will help you have confidence and fun. Clean your little one up when you are on the go with this Garanimals Inflatable Baby Bathtub.

Garanimals Inflatable Bathtub:

  • Soft, cushion materials
  • Back piece provides additional support
  • Water temperature display
  • Large storage pockets for holding your wash cloths, shampoo, bath toys and essentials
  • Air dry with the included suction cup
  • Inflatable tub deflates easily for storage or family trips
  • Equipped with all the bathing basics
  • Ribbed base provides extra support
  • Recommended for children between 6 to 18 months
  • Well-praised by parents and caregivers
  • Aids in the transition from newborn tub to full-sized tub